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Here's to growing up

To my best friend who has been overseas for more than 5 years now.

Dear Nijashree,

Here's to turning 26!

Remembering & Embracing!

Remember all the pushing & the training,

And embrace your growth & your blooming.

Remember the person you were?

Sweet, Caring & Loving?

That when you loved something, you loved it from all your heart.

When you would drive all the way for a 15 second meet up,

When you would break the night curfew for a short drive with a friend,

When you would cry on little things for the people you really loved!

Remember this person?

Well let me tell you, nothing has really changed.

You are the same sweet. caring & loving Nijashree.

But sometimes you fail to see that.

So, here's embracing the "New You!"

When you give that 15 second call during your ride to work,

just to say hi!

When you share your life with utmost detail on messages without any barriers, sharing your vulnerabilities & strengths!

When you would cry on little things for the people you really love!

When you try to stay calm waiting years to meet them without breaking:

You do break but look at you joining the pieces back together all by yourself & marching again!

Hence, remind yourself every now & then of far you've come!

Do remember the "Old You" but embrace the "New You!"

I read somewhere,

"The universe isn't testing you! It's giving you opportunities to practise who you say you want to be, your higher self that you dream to be"

We know things are all over the place.

We won't ask you to hope or wait anymore. But, we will be here to help you see a new light in yourself & celebrate who you are at the present moment.

So, here's to 26,

Here's to meeting your higher self,

& here's to sharing more with life.

Flowing with life,

Hum with life, Sing with life, & take the fly!

And hey! Don't forget to cook with life!

(Especially with the pasta maker we gave you.)

- Yours, Shrushti & Komal


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