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To the Dreamer, Achiever & Creator - Part 2

Guess what? The girl who had embarked on a new journey has now landed her dream job. Here's to her!

I might have missed a few important days in your life, like your first flight to Italy and your birthday but I will always be with you in my ways during your highs and lows. So here I am, to give you a small reminder of how far you have come.

To Sayari,

To the dreamer, achiever & creator,

Here's to you.

Remember that little girl?

Who used to sketch and paint everything she liked?

Well now, she designs ideas that everyone likes!

Remember that girl who would instantly leave a class because she found them boring?

That girl who would slam a client call because they didn't realise her worth?

The one, who had no patience?

Well now, she is more patient and mature in every way of life.

Remember that girl who embarked on a journey she had never taken before with an overwhelming feeling?

The one who followed no one's footsteps and caved her own way?

Well, here's to her! To the dreamer, achiever & creator.

We are proud of you!

There are a few things that remained the same,

Your love for bollywood,

Your dancing,

Your laughter,

Your sayari size food intake,

But above all this, one thing that remained constant was your courage to go after anything you set your mind to.

And we are proud of that the most.

Here's to you! The dreamer, achiever & creator.





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